"The Malix is an enigmatic and powerful creature. It is found in the temperate forests of the planet Colothys, where it is an apex predator. Malix mate for life, and work together to defend a huge home range of hundreds of miles. They can use their otherworldly powers to help find and kill prey. Most of the time, they live in small family units of pairs with one or more of their offspring, but on rare occasions up to a few hundred of them will gather together at mysterious or magical locations and perform rituals, the purpose of which are unknown."

The Malix was released by Wynn in Febuary 2016 in order to help with Red Stone Sales
Malix are believed to have strong supernatural and even shapeshifting abilities. It is also said that they can communicate freely with spirits and may even be able to control and influence them. A Malix's bite is also venomous. They have some natural resistance to their own venom that allows them to safely eat prey they have poisoned, but to most other creatures--even much larger ones--one bite is deadly. They are also capable of projecting some of their powers over long distances, and have a limited ability to teleport. Their unusually strong powers enable them to wander the land almost completely without fear.
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