"Imps hails from the land of Beirushu, a region in northern Peterra known for its supernatural forces. Imps are distant relatives of whammies whose characteristics are not that well known. Like whammies, they live in mixed groups and work together, and have mischievous, curious personalities. It is said that they have abilities to shift from one reality to another, such as between the dead and the living or between two universes, and that somewhere there is a dimension that only they can travel to."

The imp is a large horned creature that stands on two hooves legs, Imps were released by Wynn in the halloween of 2015. After becoming a huge hit, they Imps were added to the premium pet shop. They are currently in the Premium Pet Shop under Red Stone shop for 1 Red Stone.

Growing text:

"As they grow, imps of both sexes develop a cape-like growth of long fur from their shoulders and upper backs. This is believed to help keep these small creatures warm as well as possibly work as a display of beauty."

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